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1) Application – These leather gauntlets shall be used for MIG / MAG/ HEAVY WELDING, and Oxicutting  as well for handling hot materials having sharp & rough edges.
2) Size & design – Length – 16" / 14" long, made as per IS – 2573/1986 type 1 & Clute pattern.

(Upper-front & Back portion) to be made from specially tanned -- THICK & SOFT quality CHROME leather with FULL GRAINS conforming to IS – 578/ 1985 reaffirmed – 1997

3) Right hand – Heat resistant & soft insulated lining to be provided inside the main working portion.

4) Left hand – Back side of upper portion – grain to be exposed & double layer of grain leather to be provided in knuckle portion. This apart, pulse guard to provide at the pulse portion with grain leather, for both the hands.

A) Flame retardant, heat, penetration & radiation resistant – technical textiles consists/ blends of Basofil, Nomex Kevlar & flame retardant viscos etc. Conforming to IS – 11871 – 1986 & ASTMD: 1230 – 1994 DNI, CLASS – 1, This lining tobe provided inside the knuckle portion in-between two layers of grain leather. Moreover, heat resistant insulated lining to be provided on proper places to avoid injury from intense heat & burn.

5) The cuff portion to be made from – selected & thick quality chrome tanned split leather – as per  IS – 2573 – 1986 & to be provided with insulated lining.

6) The color of the leather shall be dyed in blue/ green color to protect the wearer from the injury related to radiation as well to avoid early dirtiness.

7) Securely stitched with Kevlar thread for durability as well for more protection against  heat & molten metal.

 8) In appearance, general workmanship & finish and in all other respects not defined IN  IS – 2573/ 1986 standard, the gauntlet shall conform to the approved sample, only.

10) Name & the brand of the manufacturer should be legibly stamped on the cuff with the year of supply & to be supplied in pairs & wrapped in polythene bag individually.

11) Sample --  Bidder must submit one pair of non returnable sample, along with their offer, failing which the offer shall be ignored.

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