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Please be informed that we are one of the pioneer in the line of manufacturing “Industrial Safety Equipment” and we are working since 1961.

We are specialized for making Gloves/protective, as per our customers requirement.

We know that your workmen use to perform various types of welding inside your works.

We have observed that during welding operation the welders are exposed to mainly 3 types of health hazards viz.

  1. Heat & burn 2) Radiation 3) Toxic fumes etc.

British Engineers had invented more than 100 years ago that the radiation level during the welding operation could be reduced to some extent, if it passes through blue/green colors etc. that’s why the normal color of the overall, boiler suits of the general workmen, particularly for welders are blue.

Enclosed, please find a specification of gloves specially designed/made for MIG/MAG-heavy welding & oxi-cutting for your welders and if you use this particular design of gloves for your welders then it will last 6 times more than conventional quality.

This apart, the Gloves will be more safe and the chances of the accident will be decreased.
Moreover, it will protect/resist the welders from the bad effect of radiation as well penetration of molten metal and sparks.

This particular design has been standardized by M/s. C.L.W. Chittaranjan and we are receiving repeated orders from them.

A small trial order will convince you the the result that you can achieve safety as well economy, if you use this particular designed Gloves.

At the time of certain type of welding some portion of face, as well neck remain uncovered / unprotected from injury related to heat, burn & radiation.

To overcome those, we would recommend you to use Face/ Neck guard, as well Apron to be used over their usual coverall made from flame retardant and heat resistant colored blended fabrics.

At the time of welding, particularly in a confined place, Respirator against toxic fumes, as well dust, should be used to protect welders from various types of pulmonary diseases.

In case you require any further information please do not hesitate to write us.
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